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    Felix Struik

    Félix Struik, O.P.

    CEDOC (Centro de Estudios de los Dominicos del Caribe)

    Director, Professor of Old Testament
    Bayamon, PR

    Curriculum Vitae:


    Biography Statement

    Felix Struik O.P. was born in Holland in 1932. It is a Catholic priest ordained in 1958, belonged to the religious order of the Dominicans in 1951. He traveled to Puerto Rico in 1961. He studied philosophy and theology in the Netherlands (1952-1955), in Spain (Salamanca, 1955-1959), United States (Chicago, 1959-1961) and Bible studies in Rome (1963-1964), and Jerusalem (1964 - 1966). Holds a Bachelor of Theology (1959), doctorate in Philosophy (1961) and doctoral examination in Biblical Studies (1966). He taught philosophy at the Catholic University in Ponce (1961-1963) and philosophy and biblical studies at the Universidad Central de Bayamón (1966-1979). From 1980 until now is Director of the Graduate School of Theology Studies Center of the Dominican Caribbean (CEDOC) in Bayamon Central University, where he also taught Hebrew, Greek and biblical sciences. He has been editor and publisher of the magazine "The Pilot" (1971-1979) and the newspaper "The Visitor" (1979-1981). They published some 800 articles. In addition to his doctoral thesis, Wonder, Beginning of Wisdom, has published several books, especially biblical commentaries on Genesis, the Gospel of Matthew and Revelation