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    Samuel Pagán

    Samuel Pagán

    [email protected]
    Curriculum Vitae: Pagan, Samuel CV


    Post-Doc., University of Texas
    Ph.D., Jewish Theological Seminary
    Th.M., Princeton Theological Seminary
    M.Div., Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico
    B.S., Univeristy of Puerto Rico

    Biography Statement

    Dr. Samuel Pagán has preached and lectured in hundreds of ecclesiastic, universities, and theological education events all over Latin America, the United States, Europe, Africa, China, Thailand, and the Middle East. In addition Dr. Pagán has served in theological, educational and ecclesiastical Board of Directors related to Disciples of Christ, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, UCC and Different Pentecostal and Independent denominations, and contributed in many Bible translations projects and committees in the Americas. He served in the Board of directors of the Theological Program of the World Council of Churches at Bossey, and traveled extensively to teach and lecture in the Middle East; particularly to Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, and Israel.