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    Steven M. Ortiz

    Steven M. Ortiz

    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Associate Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Studies; Director, Charles C. Tandy Museum
    Fort Worth, TX
    [email protected]
    Curriculum Vitae:


    Ph.D. in Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Arizona, May 2000
    M.A. Near Eastern Archaeology and Biblical Studies, University of Arizona, 1994
    M.A. in Bible History, Jerusalem University College (formerly Institute of Holy Land Studies), 1989
    B.A. double major in Anthropology and Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles, 1985

    Biography Statement

    Dr. Ortiz is a biblical archaeologist with over 20 years of field experience. He lived in Israel for over four years and spends most of his summers in the country. Dr. Ortiz has been a senior staff member on several archaeological field projects. He is currently the co-director and principal investigator at Tel Gezer. Dr. Ortiz’s research focus is the Iron Age in the southern Levant. He specializes in the use of archeological methods and theory in the interpretation of the past. Specifically, how this enterprise can illuminate and reconstruct history relative to ancient Israel and the Hebrew Bible. Dr. Ortiz is currently writing a book on the Intersections of Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation. Dr. Ortiz grew up in East Los Angeles and has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East. In addition to his scholarly pursuits, he is passionate about teaching students and the church the relevance of the historical and cultural context in the proper interpretation of scripture. He is a frequent supply preacher and conference speaker. He has contributed to over 100 radio interviews, newspaper articles, and denominational publications.