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President M. Craig Barnes

President, Author, and Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Conversations with Craig Barnes

In this six-part video series, President Barnes engages faculty and distinguished guests in conversation about their work, theological education, and the mission of the church.

Conversations with Craig Barnes | Preview from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Episode 1 

Nate Stucky on theology and sustainable agriculture

Want to hear more? Listen to the full interview on Soundcloud.

More CONVERSATIONS Coming soon:

Kenda Dean on social entrepreneurship (coming May 23) 
Lisa Bowens on church planting and missional hermeneutics (coming May 30) 
Ron White on religion and politics (coming June 6) 
Jacqueline Lapsley on ecology and scripture (coming June 13) 
Billy Collins on poetry (coming June 20)

Want to hear more? Listen to the full interviews on Soundcloud (released the same date as each video).

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Micaiah Tanck, Class of 2015

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