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Remembering Selma Banner
Call to Action!

Call to Action!

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selma_side2.jpgOn Sunday, March 3, people from around the nation will gather in Selma, Alabama, to reenact the 1965 crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the beginning of the March from Selma to Montgomery that led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act. The day later became known as Bloody Sunday for those who were killed as the marchers were violently attacked by civilian assailants. James Reeb, a 1953 Princeton Seminary graduate, was one of those killed. Read more about Reeb, and read Martin Luther King Jr.’s eulogy at his funeral.


selmamarch400w.jpgPTS senior and Student Government president Jerria Martin, a native of Selma, is one of the organizers of a march that will begin at the Annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee and then proceed to Montgomery, to arrive on the steps of the Alabama Capitol on March 8, commemorating the 1965 march led by Martin Luther King Jr.


“James Reeb answered God’s call with his life,” Jerria says. “I heard my own calling when I was 18 years old and on the stage as queen of the 2007 Bridge Crossing Jubilee. I answered the call by vowing to live a life of service. Since that day, I have participated in and served on the planning committee for every march. I am honored to be representing Princeton Seminary, and honoring James Reeb, at this year’s march, where people from around the nation will retrace the footsteps of courageous men and women of the past in the cause of justice. We have crossed many bridges in our country since 1965, but there are more to cross as we unite to work on issues of education, immigration, and gun violence.” jerria and obama


PTS is proud of Jerria’s commitment to this action to bring attention not only to this day in the history of the civil rights movement and of the nation, but also to focus on current attacks on voting rights, and remind us that civil rights for all is still a pressing issue today.


Speakers will include Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and more. Find more information about the February 28–March 8 events.


Today I had the privilege to meet with Jesse Jackson. We discussed several issues and event had a brief discussion about James Reeb, whom he remembers well!

jerria and holderFollowing my meeting with Jesse, I presented the Unity Prayer at the Martin Luther King Jr. Unity Brunch, where Vice President Joe Biden spoke.

I also participated in the Bridge Crossing Reenactment this afternoon, marching next to Martin L. King III and Attorney General Eric Holder.

Tomorrow we begin the march from Selma to Montgomery and I’ll be on the front line. More updates as the week goes on!












Posted by Michelle Roemer-Schoen at 03/08/2013 11:46:45 AM | 

Many of us became active in the civil rights and urban ministry movement during my senior year and we send seminary classmates to march in Selma. I don't at the moment recall who went, but if you put out a call to our class and those behind us, I am sure someone will remember who they were. It would be good to get their recollections of their experiences which they shared with us on their return. I myself went on to become the pastor of an all-black church in Sardinia, South Carolina during the summer after graduation and have my own stories to tell as probably the first white pastor of an all-black congregation in South Carolina since Reconstruction. Bob Stoddard, M.Div. 1965
Posted by: Robert Stoddard ( Email ) at 2/23/2013 7:07 AM

I am proud of you for all you continue to do for the human rghts cause in this Great Country and wish to contribute my quota to your great work. I wish to support this year's March by praying for the program and also participating in it financially.
Posted by: Rev Isaac Saka ( Email | Visit ) at 2/23/2013 1:47 PM

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