September 6–9, 2012: Conference on Scottish Philosophy and the Natural Law Tradition in America

A conference organized by the PTS Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy, to celebrate the intellectual and religious context in which PTS was founded, while simultaneously investigating challenges that face the contemporary seminary’s hopes to combine critical study with spiritual formation. This conference, coordinated by Dr. Gordon Graham, has been made possible by support of Theresa Khuri and the foundation that is being created, of which she will be honorary chair.

Invited speakers will include:
John Bowlin, Princeton Theological Seminary
Dawn DeVries, Union Presbyterian Seminary
Stephen J. Grabill, Acton Institute
Jennifer Herdt, Yale Divinity School
Alan Keyes, The Witherspoon Foundation
Esther Kroeker, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Keith Lehrer, University of Arizona
George H. Nash, The Russell Kirk Center
Daniel R. Robinson, University of Oxford
Leigh Schmidt, Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Washington University
Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale University
Rene van Woudenberg, Free University, Amsterdam