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Center for Theology, Women, and Gender

Certificate Program

The Center for Theology, Women, and Gender offers a graduate certificate for Master of Divinity and Master of Arts students at Princeton Theological Seminary. The coursework for the certificate, which allows students to focus their academic work on issues pertaining to theology and gender constructs, prepares students for vocational ministry or scholarly pursuits by:

  • Valuing the unique contributions of women and sexual minorities as central for the articulation of Christian faith and for the church’s flourishing
  • Exploring critically the ways that gender and sexualities are understood and represented in church and society

The requirements for the certificate involve earning twelve (12) credits from approved courses and a one (1)-credit colloquium RS5200 Colloquium in Theology and Gender (topics to rotate).

Two courses (or a maximum of 6 credits) may be taken at Princeton University in order to fulfill the certificate requirements, subject to the approval of Dr. Jacqueline E. Lapsley, director of The Center for Theology, Women, and Gender. 

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  • OT3366 Gender and Sexuality in the Bible 
  • OT3370 Texts of Terror, Texts of Hope 
  • OT3466 Gender in Old Testament Narratives 
  • CH3217 Christian Women in the World of Late Antiquity 
  • CH3218 Women Leaders of the Medieval Church 
  • CH3219 Women Leaders and Voices in the Reformation 
  • CH3213 Medieval Female Spirituality 
  • CH/EC3338 Women in African Christianity 
  • CH/EF3460 Prayer and Spiritual-Devotional Life 
  • CH3620 Women and the History of American Religion 
  • CH3510 Women and Religion in Modern Europe 
  • ET5348cr Issues in Human Sexuality 
  • TH3452 Womanist and Black Liberationist Theologies on Christology 
  • TH3466cr Feminist and Womanist Theology 
  • PC5268 Pastoral Care of Women 
  • PR3261 Exploring Women’s Preaching Traditions

Colloquium in Theology and Gender

This colloquium focuses on issues of theology and gender as they pertain to contemporary church and society. It provides a common intellectual experience for students who are pursuing the Certificate in Theology, Women, and Gender. While students will be able to fulfill the core of their requirements from any PTS course on the list of approved theology and gender courses, this colloquium will give students a common experience, dialogue, and foundation for critical reflection on the understanding of gender in church and society, with a view toward positive change as needed. It is a requirement for students who intend to earn a Certificate in Theology, Women, and Gender.

Because a cohort of students will graduate every year with a Theology and Gender certificate, the colloquium will be offered yearly and can be taken during the second and third year in the MDiv experience or the second year in the MA(TS) experience. Students are only required to take it once, but they can repeat the colloquium if they choose.

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Isaac Kim, Class of 2015

“One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to be charitable to views other than my own. Christian charity was shown to me, not just in the readings for class, but from the professors, and the Seminary community.”