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Diversity Resources

Princeton Theological Seminary is a national and international theological institution committed to promoting a critical awareness and understanding of regional, national, and global diversity issues in light of our Reformed tradition. We seek to live out our strategic plan by creating institution-wide diversity and multicultural initiatives that will enrich the lives of our students, faculty, and staff by providing a climate of understanding and appreciation of the full range of human experience in order to foster a more inclusive community. As such Princeton Theological Seminary will continue to demonstrate its recognition of, and will demonstrate its commitment to, the educational benefits of domestic and global diversity. Educational diversity benefits individuals, institutions, the church, the private and public sector, and society. We will foster systemic change that proactively seeks ongoing development of a diverse student body, a diverse curriculum, and a diverse faculty, staff, and administration.

We live in a society where the term “diversity” can take so many directions. What does diversity mean? Diversity is a relationship of mutuality, an open space where persons contribute simply because they care about the mission of the church to the whole world—to those created as children of God. The following page will provide cutting-edge information in a variety of disciplines that may serve as a resource for the further development of intentional and respectful conversations.

Multicultural Relations Diversity Terms

ATS Folio on Diversity and Theological Education

The Matter of Diversity and Inclusion at PTS

Diversity Resources Collage

Seminary Council on Institutional Diversity (SCID)

A representative body of the Seminary community is committed to a culture that fosters awareness and inclusiveness where community members are empowered and committed to an inclusive agenda. SCID will create, collaborate with and support the development of innovative ideas and effective strategies to recruit and retain diverse students, staff, and faculty.

Living Together
Living Together
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