After thirty years of teaching at Princeton Seminary, Dr. Sang Hyun Lee has retired as the Kyung-Chik Han Professor of Systematic Theology in June. He was named professor emeritus. An ordained Presbyterian minister, Lee came to Princeton Seminary after earning an S.T.B. from Harvard Divinity School and a Ph.D. from Harvard University. As a naturalized Korean American, Lee was the first Asian American faculty member at PTS and a leading pioneer in Asian American theology. He served as director of the Seminary’s Program for Asian American Theology and Ministry and also chaired the Asian American Theology Group of the American Academy of Religion. on-off_lee1.jpg
Sang Hyun Lee

During his time at Princeton, Lee taught courses on systematic theology, Asian American theology, Jonathan Edwards, and God and the problem of evil. His major publications include The Princeton Companion to Jonathan Edwards (Princeton University Press, 2005), The Works of Jonathan Edwards, volume 23, Writings on the Trinity, Grace, and Faith (Yale University Press, 2003), and The Philosophical Theology of Jonathan Edwards (Princeton University Press, 1988). Lee has been widely recognized by scholars as making an important contribution to an understanding of the theology of Jonathan Edwards.

The Sang Hyun Lee Lecture on Asian American Theology and Ministry, a biennial lectureship, was created in order to preserve space for the Asian American voices of the present, to empower the Asian American ministers and theological scholars of the future, and to remember and pass on the legacy of Dr. Sang Hyun Lee. Dr. Lee will be greatly missed at the Seminary, and we are grateful for his many years of faithful service and teaching.