More than eighty Princeton Theological Seminary colleagues, friends, students, and neighbors came together June 13 to celebrate emeritus professor Karlfried Froehlich’s eightieth birthday.


Dr. Froehlich prepares to enjoy his birthday cake.
Photo: Kim Schmidt


Friends and colleagues gather to celebrate with Karlfried Froehlich.
Photo: Kim Schmidt

Accompanied by his wife, Ricarda, and their children and grandchildren, Froehlich recognized and thanked the many circles of his life represented at the party, held in the Mackay Campus Center. Those circles included former colleagues Arlo Duba and James Litton; emeritus professors Charles West, Richard Armstrong, Sam Moffett, David Willis, and Peter Paris; members of his Lutheran congregation; area pastors; friends from Princeton University; and many people from the Seminary.

There was music—in German and English—birthday cake, and reflections by his son, Daniel. The event also triggered several major announcements about Froehlich’s ever-active retirement. Froehlich’s former student and current PTS professor Paul Rorem introduced Froehlich’s newest book, Biblical Interpretation from the Church Fathers to the Reformation. Another former student, Mark Burrows (M.Div. 1983, Ph.D. 1988), now an Andover Newton Theological School professor, announced that Froehlich’s Warfield Lectures on the four senses of scripture are nearing publication. And Froehlich told people he was moving from his long-time Princeton home to Windrows, a nearby retirement community. With that move, he donated his substantial library to the Near East School of Theology in Beirut, which has alumni/ae ties to the Seminary. George Sabra (M.Div. 1980) is the dean and teaches theology, and Johnny Awwad (Ph.D. 1996) teaches New Testament.

Still going strong in the classroom, Froehlich is scheduled to teach a year-long Lutheran polity class, which he also taught last year, in 2011–2012.