After seventy years of service to clergy, church leaders, alumni/ae, and current Seminary students, Princeton Theological Seminary’s Center of Continuing Education was repurposed and renamed this past fall, becoming the School of Christian Vocation and Mission (SCVM).

Designed to help people apply theological, ethical, and biblical study to today’s church and world, the school was dedicated with a convocation, “Church, Seminary, and People: Vocation and Mission,” on October 19.

“Princeton Seminary’s continuing education program has a strong and valued heritage,” said Charles Kalmbach, SCVM’s director. “The new name reflects our renewed commitment to being a lifelong partner and support for pastors and lay leaders in increasingly challenging times.”

Convocation speakers included distinguished scholars and noted church leaders Craig R. Dykstra (M.Div., 1973; Ph.D., 1978), senior vice president for religion at Lilly Endowment Inc.; Barbara G. Wheeler, director of the Center for the Study of Theological Education at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City; and Ernest Kimmel, retired stated clerk of the Presbytery of New Brunswick.

In addition, PTS president Iain Torrance moderated a panel discussion that included PTS professor Cleo LaRue and the Rever-end Gabriel Salguero, director of the Seminary’s Hispanic Leadership Program.

During her comments, Wheeler commended the school for its efforts and programs. “Religious leaders need to know a lot. They need to help an instant-message culture. That takes knowledge of theology. But they also need to know science, technology, and more,” she said. She encouraged the school to develop programs that support spiritual renewal. “You need to resist the temptation to provide educational snacks. Provide these leaders with real learning.”

To Wheeler’s point, SCVM offers many programs that support the formation and renewal of pastors and lay leaders—pro-viding them with the tools, insight, and guidance to help lift up the lives of their congregants, along with the broader community around them.