The 2010 Institute for Faith and Public Life sought to “empower pastors and lay leaders to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.” Sponsored by PTS’s School of Christian Vocation and Mission (formerly Continuing Education), the conference featured a diverse group of pastors, scholars, community activists, and leaders in the non-profit world. Participants chose between a range of plenary sessions over a three-day period, during which time they discussed what it meant to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly” from an integrated theological and ethical framework.

The Reverend Dr. Serene Jones (president, Union Theological Seminary) preached at the opening worship. Plenary speakers included the Reverend Dr. John M. Perkins (founder, the Christian Community Development Association), who lectured on “Empowering Leaders and Congregations for Community Development.” The Reverend Dr. Ron Sider (author of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger) addressed “The Challenges and Promises of Engaging U.S. in Politics,” while the Reverend Dr. Gary Dorrien (Union Theological Seminary) considered “Social Ethics for Social Justice: Rethinking Economic Democracy.” The Reverend Dr. Peter G. Heltzel (New York Theological Seminary) lectured on “The Politics of Love: The Promise of Prophetic Evangelicals in the Obama Era,” and the Reverend Dr. Raymond Rivera (founder and CEO, the Latino Pastoral Action Center) presided over the closing worship service.

Workshops included “Martin Luther King as a Model for Public Engagement,” “Christians and Immigration,” “Sexual Justice in the Public Square,” “Tolerance and Forbearance: Rethinking Christian Attitudes Toward Difference” (led by PTS professor Dr. John Bowlin), “Developing Holistic Ministries,” and “Church and the Environment.”