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inSpire - Summer/Fall 2007–Winter 2008



Color PTS Multicultural



Princeton Seminary’s new Office of Multicultural Relations, its Women’s Center, and its Hispanic Leadership Program are three of the many important ways the Seminary integrates the perspectives of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds within the Body of Christ.

by Heather Roote Faller, Kathryn Lester, and Barbara A. Chaapel


 Sing a New Song



Christians in Haiti are meeting together to use the practice of lectio divina as they read and study Scripture as it illuminates their lives.

by Kent Annan


 Losers, Loners, and Rebels



PTS Professors Robert Dykstra and Donald Capps have published a new book about the spiritual lives of adolescent boys. Read an excerpt here.


 Celebrating the Conversation



This past summer the Seminary community said farewell to faculty members Max Stackhouse, Scott Hendrix, and Luis Rivera-Pagán, and director of field education Harry Freebairn, all of whom retired in July.

by Heather Roote Faller


God beyond Language and Text



The Orthodox discipline of iconography offers Western Christians the opportunity to “write” icons that worship God without words.

by Colleen Burlingham