Winter 2003
Volume 7 Number 2

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Faculty Publications

Donald Capps wrote Men and Their Religion: Honor, Hope, and Humor
(Trinity, 2002).

James H. Charlesworth cowrote, with PTS alum Lidija Novakovic, The Pesharim and Qumran History: Chaos or Consensus? (Eerdmans, 2002).

Beverly R. Gaventa coedited, with PTS alum Cynthia L. Rigby, Blessed One: Protestant Perspectives on Mary (Westminster/John Knox, 2002).

Cleophus J. LaRue edited Power in the Pulpit: How America’s Most Effective Black Preachers Prepare Their Sermons (Westminster/John Knox, 2002).

James H. Moorhead and John W. Stewart edited Charles Hodge Revisited: A Critical Appraisal of His Life and Work (Eerdmans, 2002).

Hughes O. Old’s book Worship: Reformed according to Scripture (Westminster/John Knox, 2002) was reissued.

David Willis wrote Notes on the Holiness of God (Eerdmans, 2002).

Also, two professors have contributed essays to anniversary editions of books by Karl Barth:

Bruce McCormack wrote the introduction to Karl Barth’s Epistle to the Philippians (40th anniversary edition; Westminster/John Knox, 2002).

Daniel Migliore contributed an interpretive essay to Karl Barth’s Prayer (50th anniversary edition; Westminster/John Knox, 2002).

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