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“The New Heart-Saver CPR” Course Comes to PTS

On Tuesday, March 12, instructors who were volunteers from the Pennington First Aid squad (affiliated with the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton) came to the Seminary campus to teach “The New Heart-Saver CPR” course to 30 students, staff, and administrators of the Seminary.

Photo: Erin Dunigan

PTS student Allison Herman learns a life-saving technique.

This three-hour course covered infant, child, and adult CPR in a format that included both a video and hands-on practice. All participants who completed the course received a two-year certification card from the American Heart Association.

According to Nancy Schongalla-Bowman, PTS’s director of student counseling, feedback from the participants was very positive. “I think everyone was relieved to have more knowledge about how to be helpful in this type of emergency situation,” said Schongalla-Bowman. “It was also fun, and a nice way to mingle with other members of the PTS community with whom we don’t ordinarily overlap.”

“The New Heart-Saver CPR” course will be offered to the Seminary community once each semester. It is sponsored by PTS’s Wholistic Health Initiative.

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