Spring 2002
Volume 6 Number 3



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New Lectionary Commentary Takes Theological Approach to Exegesis

A new commentary on selected texts from the common lectionary has just been published by Eerdmans and Continuum. The three-volume work, The Lectionary Commentary: Theological Exegesis for Sundays Texts, edited by Roger E. Van Harn, includes the work of a number of PTS faculty and alumni/ae.

Two of the eight consulting editors are Seminary president Thomas W. Gillespie and professor of homiletics James F. Kay; a third is guest professor Hughes Old. Among the 58 contributors are seven members of the faculty: Charles Bartow, Clifton Black, Thomas Gillespie, George Hunsinger, Donald Juel, James Kay, and Dennis Olson. PTS alumni Lawrence Farris, Scott Black Johnston, Stephen W. Ramp, Andre Resner Jr., and Brent Strawn also contributed essays.

The commentary’s uniqueness, according to Kay, is that instead of a few biblical exegetes producing it, the contributors “represent a wide variety of theological scholars covering the broad catholic, evangelical, and mainline spectrum. Theo- logical seriousness, not theological uniformity, was the criterion for contribution.”

The three volumes of the commentary are available from PTS’s Theological Book Agency at the cost of $28.33 each. Order by calling 609-497-7735 or emailing [email protected].