Spring 2002
Volume 6 Number 3





Kashmir: Religion and Nationhood | Valuable Contributions: Indian Professor Spends Year at PTS  | Returning to India’s Religious Mix  | New Ph.D. Student Arrives from Bangalore

New Ph.D. Student Arrives from Bangalore 


Jacob Cherian photo: Eddie Nabhan

Jacob Cherian

Jacob Cherian, a first-year Ph.D. student and ordained minister in the Assemblies of God church, has a passion for ministering to students. And his students are grateful. In India, he says, students are welcome to visit their professors and ask for guidance even at midnight. For this reason, he laughs, “very few of us write any books.” 

Cherian doesn’t doubt that after his studies he will return to India, where he last taught New Testament and served as student life director at Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore. He’s “too involved in ministry there” not to. His dissertation may focus on issues of poverty and equality in Paul, because of their importance in his home context. But for now, he  and his family are enjoying Princeton as another “wonderful trip of God’s marvelous grace.”