Spring 2001
Volume 5 Number 3

Love Times Five by Steve Crocco
Parenting One Step at at Time 
by Deadra Johns
Wither Thou Goest by Ross Wagner
Supporting Parents Helps Children Thrive 
by Nancy Duff
The Art of Shaping a Family By Leslie and Chip Dobbs-Allsopp
Complementary Calls by Jacqueline Lapsley 
Center for Children is Growing 

Center for Children Is Growing!

When the Seminary’s Carol Gray Dupree Center for Children reopens in the fall of 2001, it will have space for twenty additional children, thanks to construction this summer of new classrooms, bathrooms, offices, and playroom space.

The center, which provides childcare for children ages six months through prekindergarten of students, faculty, staff, and an occasional participant at the Center of Continuing Education, opened in 1995 and has had a waiting list almost from day one. Its present licensed capacity of 40 kids will increase to 60. A new toddler class and teacher will also be added.

Parents of the center’s children are pleased. “My son Noah loves it,” says Amy Ehlin, director of food service, who hopes to also enroll the baby she is expecting. “Noah learns so much from the older kids. He thrives on his experiences there.”

Violet Hertrich, staff in the Vocations Office and a member of the center’s board, says that “faculty have the option of choosing other childcare facilities, and most of them choose to come here. With newer faculty being younger, we need the option of being able to offer their children places at the center right away.”

And the option of childcare sweetens the pot for students with young children who apply to PTS. “We’re excited to be able to offer this service,” says Steve Cardone, PTS’s director of housing.

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