winter 2000
Volume 4 Number 3


Linda J. Cairo and Larry R. Austin (’71B), June 5, 1999

Jennifer Chern and David Jones (’82B), October 9, 1999

Karen N. Patricia (’84B) and Robert S. Green, October 10, 1998

Marie E. Wigmore (’88E) and Robert Blohm, April 25, 1998

Donna Anderson and Douglas Hoffman (’92B), September 14, 1996

Leah Smith and Mark Andrew Watson (’96B), October 16, 1999

Shelley Sanders (’96B) and Daniel Zuckerman, October 18, 1998

Emily M. Berman (’97B) and Paul D’Andrea, May 29, 1999

Tawainna Houston (’98B) and Andre Williams, September 3, 1999

Amy Ellen Marga (’98B) and Uwe Ernst Bilger (’98U), May 22, 1999

Allison R. Blow and Kenyatta R. Gilbert (’99B), September 25, 1999


Benjamin to Beth and Richard B. (’85B) Knight, March 13, 1999

Duncan Berenson to Jennifer Berenson and Iain (’85M) Maclean, December 14, 1998

Jonathan William to Lisa (’87B, ’88M) and Jonathan (’89b) Tice, July 17, 1999

Corynn Marie to Lisa and Steven H. (’88B) Craig, September 24, 1998

Peter Tianpei Vermeer Johnson, adopted by Marianne Vermeer and Robert Johnson (’88B) on April 28, 1999

Sofia Visco Mi-Hyang to Amy (’89B) and Kang (’89B) Na, October 26, 1999

Rachel Moore to Ann and Rodney (’89B) Newman, November 3, 1999

Sophia Marie to Kolya Braun-Greiner and Mark F. Greiner (’91B), August 9, 1999

Philip Aaron to Debra and Ron (’92B) Rienstra, July 10, 1999

Kylee Elizabeth to Lynn E. and D. Gregory (’92B) Sapp, May 3, 1996

Noah Benjamin to Lynn E. and D. Gregory (’92B) Sapp, June 16, 1999

Hannah Marguerite to Adrienne and Richard (’92B) Spirt-Jones, September 26, 1999

Lauren Perry to Brenda and Tom (’94B) Edwards, November 23, 1998

Katherine Grace to Susanne Schulz Martin (’96B) and Jon Martin (’94B), August 31, 1999

Colin Wise to Katharine and Bill (’96B, ’97M) Pinches, September 27, 1999

Anna Cecilia to Shelley Sanders Zuckerman (’96B) and Daniel Zuckerman, September 7, 1999

Joanna Katherine to Jenifer and Robert B. (’98B) Eyre, November 12, 1999

Thomas Caywood to Mia and Brad (’98B) Hyde, December 27, 1998

Julia Kathryn to Sonia and John W. (’98B) Kiser, November 25, 1998

Chloe Marie to Jana Van Gorp Dembski (’99E) and William Dembski (’96B), May 17, 1999

Alexander Reid to Kristen and Jeff (’99B) Gephart, October 25, 1999

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