Introducing the PTS Web Team

The Seminary began the year with a new web team: Matthew Fuellhart, webmaster, and Nina Rogers, web editor.
And none too soon! The external web site received 469,767 successful hits in the month of November, representing 9,314 users who visited once and 2,684 who made multiple visits. This is up from 447,261 hits in October, with 7,994 one-time users and 2,606 who visited more than once.The Web Team:  Matthew Fuellhart and Nina Rogers

Fuellhart, a computer information systems graduate of Rider University, worked as a programmer and analyst for EMA Services in Philadelphia before taking up his work at PTS in the fall. Rogers is a graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications and worked  as a data analyst at Educational Testing Service in Princeton before joining the PTS staff in October.

As webmaster, Fuellhart works primarily in maintaining the physical web site. A major goal for this year is expanding the internal, or academic, web site for the use of the campus community, including developing online course support for faculty and putting the campus calendar online.

Rogers’s work is related to design and content of the 600-plus-page external web site ( (These are just the active pages; archived pages take the number up to several thousand.) She has recently put new faculty profiles online, developed a web version of the view book for the Vocations Office, and is developing a system for maintaining accurate and timely updates of all information posted on the external site.

Fuellhart reports to the vice president for educational media and information technology, and Rogers is a member of the communications/publications department staff. However, in line with the interdisciplinary nature of “web work,” the two work together as partners on many projects.

Readers wishing to make suggestions, inquiries, or comments about the PTS web site may contact Fuellhart and Rogers at [email protected]. They’d love to hear from you!

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