Prize Awarded for Excellence in Reformed Theology

Princeton Seminary awarded its third annual Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Life to Dr. Eka Darmaputera in December. Darmaputera (shown below shaking President Gillespie’s hand), is a native of Jakarta, Indonesia, was the pastor of Bekasi Timur parish in Indonesia for thirty years, and has written about the role of religion in his homeland, including in an article titled “The Roles of Christians in Nation Building in Indonesia.”

The Abraham Kuyper Prize was established in 1998 through the generosity of Dr. Rimmer (far right above) and Mrs. Ruth de Vries to honor a scholar or community leader who has contributed to the development of Reformed theology, particularly as it bears on the spheres of public life such as law, business, technology, education, economics, and the arts.

The prize is named for Abraham Kuyper, a theologian, church leader, former prime minister of the Netherlands, and founder of the Free University of Amsterdam. Kuyper was committed to the conversation between Christian faith and public life. He delivered a series of lectures on Calvinism at Princeton Seminary in 1898.

Also pictured above are PTS professor Max Stackhouse and Mrs. Darmaputera.

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