Winter 2000
Volume 4 Number 3

On the cover - Images of computer technology show off Theology Today’s new web site where the journal is now available online.
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Theology Today: A Journal for the Millennium
The journal begins the new century by going “online” and by publishing a special issue on children.
by Leslie Dobbs-Allsopp

Mainstream Protestants and the End of the World
PTS’s Mary McIntosh Bridge Professor of American Church History reflects on how mainline Protestants have historically viewed the end time.
by James H. Moorhead

Dialogue in Debrecen: Science and Theology in the Work of Botond Gaal
A Hungarian mathematician and theologian believes the distance between Reformed Christians in Eastern Europe and those in America, and between scientists and theologians, is getting smaller.
by Barbara A. Chaapel

Neighboring in Nicaragua: Stories to Change Lives
PTS students spend the summer in Nicaragua and learn more than books can teach.
by Rachel Frey, Michael Mann, and Callie Jackson

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