Winter 2000
Volume 4 Number 3

This past summer, six students participated in PTS’s MesoAmerica Study Project in Nicaragua. The program was sponsored by Professor Mark Taylor and supervised by Ph.D. candidate Karla Koll. Participants were M.Div. seniors Rachel Frey, Doug Hume, Callie Jackson, Regina Langley, Michael Mann, and Ana Toledo.
The program is designed to allow students to observe and experience another culture by immersion into a new context. In addition, it provides students with the opportunity to witness the impact of globalization on a poorer nation and to learn how to stand in solidarity with its people. In Nicaragua, the students observed how different sectors of society had responded and were responding to Hurricane Mitch, and they were able to reflect theologically on the reconstruction efforts. They also caught a glimpse of a country still recovering from a U.S.-sponsored civil war and currently economically strapped by an enormous external debt. Three of the students, Rachel Frey ("A Trip to the Desert"), Michael Mann ("Powerful Thieves"), and Callie Jackson ("The Embassy Episode and a Response") shared personal reflections with inSpire on their experiences.

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