Key to Abbreviations:
Upper-case letters designate degrees earned at PTS:

M.Div. B D.Min. P
M.R.E. E Th.D. D
M.A. E Ph.D. D
Th.M. M
Special undergraduate student U
Special graduate student G

When an alumnus/a did not receive a degree, a lower-case letter corresponding to those above designates the course of study.

1936 Carl Bogard (B, ’42M), was recently featured in his local paper in West Chester, Pennsylvania: at the age of ninety, he plays tennis every day and has competed in more than one hundred tournaments. 

1937 William S. Ackerman (B) writes that he “re-retired” on April 30, 1999, after serving more than fifteen years as a minister in visitation at the Presbyterian Church of Toms River, New Jersey. He served as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) for sixty-two years. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Dorothy Specht Ackerman (’65B).

Allan Winn (B) and his wife, Betty, six-time grandparents, became great-grandparents in March!

1938 Ted Koopmans (B) and his wife, Grace, recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They were feted by their family in a weekend of festivities, including dinner, a barbecue, and a reception for 490! The couple reciprocated by taking eighteen family members on a week’s cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. The Koopmanses like to travel: they followed the Hawaiian cruise with a fall foliage cruise in New England and Canadian waters and a five-week “land trip” to Holland, Denmark, and Sweden with their daughter and grandson.

1943 E. Vaughan Lyons Jr. (B) is currently serving as a 1999–2000 member of the Grand Jury of San Diego County, California, and as council chair for the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii.

1944 David C. Newquist (B, ’48M) continues to serve as spiritual life director and senior chaplain for Bakersfield Memorial Hospital and accepts temporary preaching assignments as needed.

1945 John David Burton (B, ’51M) has completed his interim at North Presbyterian Church in Williamsville, New York, his tenth interim since 1984. From January through June, he will be a visiting scholar at the Seminary.

1947 Evelyn P. Lytle (E) was a full-time faculty member at Hinkson Christian Academy in Moscow, Russia, from 1997 to 1999 and delivered the commencement address at the school’s fifth annual graduation ceremony.

Charles E. Olewine (B) has been on the Worldwide 5:00 Gospel Hour since 1982, and is stated supply of Parkland Presbyterian Church in Parkland, Pennsylvania.

1951 Harry E. Chase (B) will conduct a workshop titled “Leadership and Relationship Development” at PTS’s Center of Continuing Education in January 2000.

Kenneth Dale (M) retired from teaching at Japan Lutheran Seminary in Tokyo, Japan, and is now living at Pilgrim Place in Claremont, California.

1952 Ben Adams (B) recently returned from a reunion with his old WWII Army Air Force group, the 483rd Bombardment Group (H) Association. Having served as their chaplain, he is now president elect for the year 2001. He writes, “It was probably because of my traumatic participation in combat as a ball turret gunner on a B-17 in Europe that I decided to become a minister.”

Nelson Horne (B, ‘84P) writes that he spent the summer at Chautauqua Institution and is spending the winter in Castine, Maine.

Richard L. Van Deusen (B) writes of the passing this past March of his wife, Alayne Palmer Van Deusen. “In prayer, we expressed our gratitude for her life… for the fact that her long struggle with cancer was over, that she had fought the good fight, that she had kept the faith, that she had obtained the victory, through our Lord, Jesus Christ.” Dick has remained active in his sorrow: he is now the president of the Rotary Club of Mystic, Connecticut, and is planning a trip to China and Tibet this year. This past September, he learned that he, too, has cancer, and he has begun his own fight. Our prayers are with him.

1953 Sherwood W. Anderson (B) is serving as interim head of staff at the First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, Ohio.

Gene Jaberg (B), with colleagues from Bethel Seminary and from the United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities where he is emeritus professor of communication, directed and edited seven hour-long productions titled An Evangelical-Liberal Dialogue that aired on local cable TV. He also lectured on Martin Buber at a recent ecumenical gathering of North Suburban Twin Cities church members and used his videotape Buber: Believing Humanist.

John C. S. Kim (M) is a professor of philosophy at Rio Hondo College and is serving as volunteer minister of Pacific Presbyterian Church in Whittier, California.

1954 Hugh Cosline (B) writes that he “cherishes memories of my time at Princeton.” At eighty years old, he is still working full time as associate minister of Canaan Baptist Church in Philadelphia.

John W. Folta (B) went on a one-month mission in the summer of 1999 to the Czech Republic, which is now the least-churched nation in Europe. Only 5% of its population attends either Protestant or Catholic services. He carries special interest in the area, as his grandfather was a pastor there with the Czech Brethren Church from 1887 to 1929.

Alice McFeely Meloy (B) is moderator and pulpit supply for four churches. She also serves as chair of her presbytery’s Committee on Preparation for Ministry, on its Committee on Ministry, as a member of Task Force 2000, and on the board of Habitat for Humanity where she is chair of church relations.

1955 Ben Armstrong (U), former executive director of the National Religious Broadcasters, was the keynote speaker at a conference of Christian broadcasters in Moscow in October 1999.

Richard J. Dosker Jr. (B) writes that he and his wife, Barbara, are anticipating a move to Monte Vista Grove in Pasadena, California, in 2000.

Don Pendell (B) was honored in June as a shriner, having been education officer and chaplain of Masonic Lodge #4 in his hometown of Worthington, Ohio, for twenty years.

1956 Robert Crawford (B) is a minister of the United Reformed Church and serves churches of the South of England, conducting worship most Sundays. He is associate lecturer for the Open University, having returned from his professorial appointment at the University of Swaziland, South Africa. His most recent book, The God, Man, World Triangle, was nominated in 1998 for the Templeton Prize as a distinct contribution to the field of science and religion. His book on ethics, Can We Ever Kill?, will appear in an expanded and revised edition next year. He hopes to tour the States on another lecturing/preaching circuit in the near future.

1957 Ross Ludeman (B) and his wife, Ginger, are living in a Vermont farmhouse built in 1865. He enjoys woodworking, living near his children, and worshiping with “the brothers at Weston Priory,” while Ginger pursues weaving, spinning, and quilting, and tends a flower garden. They are both involved in a community group to tackle the issue of housing for the elderly. He writes that he has been “in frequent email correspondence” with classmate Bill Skinner (B), who is living in Sioux City, Iowa.

1958 J. William Giles (B) has retired as the interim executive for the Synod of Living Waters.

1959 Merle S. Arnold (B) underwent a rigorous qualification process that began in 1997 to be elected to a three-year term as a trustee of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation by the 211th General Assembly. He is also serving as executive director of Green Ridge Village, a continuing care retirement community in Newville, Pennsylvania.

Daniel W. Little (B), currently stated supply pastor of the Cherry Tree and Heilwood Presbyterian churches in Indiana, Pennsyl-vania, celebrated the fortieth anniversary of his ordination in June.

1960 Jacob B. Adams (B) retired in May 1999.

Thomas Carr (B) is the interim pastor at Morgan Hill Presbyterian Church in Morgan Hill, California. Grandfather of three, he celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary on November 12, 1999.

Perry Fuller (B) retired from Erie Niagara Counseling Associates at the end of 1998.

Robert L. R. Hankins (B) retired in June, amidst accolades, from forty-five years of Methodist ministry and twenty-five years at Trinity-Boscobel United Methodist Church in Buchanan, New York. He will remain a part-time Protestant chaplain at a hospital center in Montrose, New York, taking time also to pursue woodworking and to travel with his wife, Carolyn.

Phil Henderson (B) has been on disability for several years due to cancer, but continues his ministry by volunteering with several AIDS groups.

John Vaughn (B) was the parish associate at the Second Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1997 and 1998, and served as acting administrator of the Presbytery of Tropical Florida from March through July of 1999. He is now the interim minister at Cypress Presbyterian Church in Pompano Beach, Florida.

1961 Shirlee J. Sampsel (e) writes that she is “just back from safari in Bostwana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa — fabulous!”

Lyle VanderWerff (M) has retired from more than thirty years of teaching biblical studies and mission at Northwestern College of Iowa. Previously, he was a minister of the Reformed Church in Flemington, New Jersey, and a missionary pastor to the church in Kuwait. He claims two publications to his credit: Christian Mission to Muslims and “The Names of Christ in Witness and Worship” in Muslims and Christians on the Emmaus Road. Next, he awaits the publication of Salvation in Christian-Muslim Dialogue, edited by Bruce Nicholls. The VanderWerffs can be reached at [email protected].

1962 Lois Montelius Dodge (E) was ordained as a minister of Word and Sacrament by the Presbytery of Albany on March 7, 1999, and is serving as stated supply in Hoosick Falls, New York.

Taylor Potter (G) is serving with his wife, Betty Jo, as manager of the Christian Guest House in Bangkok, Thailand.

1963 Richard B. Anderson (B) writes that he is “planning retirement in June 2000 and searching for a location to settle among God’s ‘buffet’ of great places.” He is completing six years at Elmhurst Presbyterian Church in Elmhurst, Illinois, which is currently expanding its youth ministry.

George F. Fry (M) is now part-time minister to seniors at the First Presbyterian Church of Visalia, California.

1964 E. Lloyd Evans (B) has retired from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California, and now lives in Prescott, Arizona. He recently took a continuing education class at PTS on interim ministry.

Jaiwant Noel (M) writes from Ludhiana, India, that he has officially retired from hospital chaplaincy there, but remains active in pastoral work. He continues to write in Christian journals, having recently published articles in The North India Church Review (July 1999) and in Light of Life (August 1999). He is proud of a collection of more than fifty of his poems on justice, human dignity, liberation, ecumenical vision, and ecology, for which he is seeking a publisher.

1965 J. Harold Ellens (M), prolific during recent years, now has sixty-six books and 142 professional journal articles to his curriculum vitae. His work centers around the psychological sciences, biblical theology, and the interface of theology and psychology. One of his most recent publications is titled Sin or Sickness, The Problem of Human Dysfunction. He currently serves as the interim head of staff of White Lake Presbyterian Church in White Lake, Michigan, his tenth congregation since ordination. He also continues as a psychologist in private practice in Farmington Hills, Michigan, while working as a research scholar at the University of Michigan’s Department of Near Eastern Studies.

Robert D. Stoddard (B) has been appointed the new vice president for development at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. He previously served as the University’s (then Beirut University College) director of development for North America from 1979 to 1988. He will continue to live in Delaware with his wife, Judith Lynch Stoddard, traveling to Lebanon several times a year and commuting to the school’s New York office.

1966 Kenneth H. Maahs (M) has just published his new book, titled Of Angels, Beasts, and Plagues: The Message of Revelation for a New Millennium.

1967 Somen Das (M) writes that he has retired as principal of Bishop’s College in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. He was professor of theology and ethics at United Theological College from 1970 to 1988 and served as its acting principal from 1987 to 1988. He hopes to continue lecturing in his field in his spare time, and requests prayers for himself and his ministry.

Gordon Williams (B) has just had his first book published, Like a Rushing Mighty Wind. It describes the individual and communal Christian life as an act of cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

1969 Bill LeMosy (B, ’73E) is an interim ministry specialist based in Des Moines, Iowa. Currently he serves the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas Center, Iowa.

1970 Bill Van De Meene (M) writes that he still has “very fond memories of PTS,” and that he loves receiving regular news at his home in Viewbank, Australia.

1971 Mark Davies (M) has accepted a call to serve as minister of Bethel Christian Reformed Church in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

John Glosser (B) has been appointed to the library board in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

1972 David M. Evans (B) has traveled several times in the last few years to Guatemala in partnership with the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala.

John Glosser (B) has been appointed to the library board in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

William Howard Jr. (B) has announced that at the end of this academic year he will resign as president of New York Theological Seminary in order to accept the call to pastor Bethany Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey. The seminary recognizes the many areas in which it has thrived during his tenure: the endowment, the board of trustees, and the seminary’s educational programs and information systems have been strengthened, and he has bridged partnerships with other New York City universities. Bethany Baptist Church is the oldest African American-founded Baptist church in Newark, having been founded in 1871. It prides itself on a multinational congregation, a strong tradition of service, and an associated private school, Bethany Academy.

Robert B. Nicholas (B) retired in 1998 as director of the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities.

William D. Spencer (B, ’75M) has recently published Dread Jesus, a collection of Rastafarian views of Jesus, with the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. The book is a culmination of twenty years of interest in the portrayal of Jesus in Reggae music. It became available in October.

Jim Van Hecke (b) has moved to Tryon, North Carolina, to serve as administrator for Pavillion International, a spiritually based treatment center for addictions and dysfunctions.

1973 Greg J. Keosaian (B) is the new pastor of Huguenot Memorial Church in Pelham Manor, New York, finishing a twelve-year ministry at Trinity Presbyterian Church of Paramus, New Jersey. He has been married to Linda Lanier-Keosaian since 1982 and has two children.

1974 Keith Conover (B) is the moderator of Redstone Presbytery in 2000.

Elizabeth K. Fowler Simpson (B, ’88M) is presently serving as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove, New York.

1976 Carl Halvorsen (B) has been appointed the first executive vice president for Evergreens Continuing Care Retirement Community in Moorestown, New Jersey. 

Barbara Sterling Willson (B) writes, “In May 1999 I left my pastorate at Robinson Memorial Presbyterian Church in Syracuse, New York, after a wonderful fourteen years to answer the call to serve as full-time chaplain for the Hospice of Central New York. God is gracious. This ministry has many blessings.”

1977 John Koppitch (B) received his D.Min. from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. His thesis was titled “Transforming Decision-making in a Congregation.”

1978 Jeffrey G. Guild (B), chaplain major USAF, has been selected to serve as the wing chaplain for the 22nd Air Refueling Wing at McConnell AFB in Wichita, Kansas.

Marcus Hess (b) is pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Cook, Minnesota, and his wife, Nancy Olson Hess (e), is executive director of Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry there. Nancy recently earned her D. Th. from the University of South Africa in systematic theology.

1979 Douglas J. Brouwer (B, ’86P) continues as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Wheaton, Illinois. He has recently published his second book, Remembering the Faith: What Christians Believe, with Eerdmans Publishers. He writes: “Pray for a second printing — my kids are almost college age!”

Cathryn Cummings-Bond (B) writes that she has a “very exciting ministry called Spirit of the Sound reaching out to gay and lesbian folks.” She began this ministry in 1995 in the Puget Sound area of Washing-ton.

Clanton C. W. Dawson Jr. (B) was installed in October 1999 as the seventeenth pastor of the 133-year-old Calvary Baptist Church in Fulton, Missouri. He is a candidate in the doctoral program in philosophy at the University of Missouri-Columbia, writing in Reformed epistemology.

Bill Levering (B) recently moved from pastoring a large congregation in Haddonfield, New Jersey, to begin as pastor of Summit Presbyterian Church in West Mt. Airy, a diverse, socially active congregation and neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Joseph R. Lloyd (M) writes that after thirty-five years of pastoring throughout the Caribbean and the Americas, he has been given the opportunity now to serve in his own island, Anguilla.

1980 Kenneth J. Collins (M), professor of church history and historical theology at Asbury Theological Seminary, has recently published A Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley with Abingdon Press. The book examines Wesley’s biography both chronologically and spiritually.

Richard Allen Farmer (B) is the newly appointed dean of the chapel at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

Richard Kyle (M) will be teaching at the University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy in the Ukraine as a Fulbright scholar in the spring of 2000.

John Salmon (M) became principal of Trinity Methodist Theological College in Auckland, New Zealand, at the beginning of 1999. He continues to teach systematic theology, while working at reshaping ministry for a new and more complex context. He writes: “It’s challenging!”

1981 Edwin Gray Hurley (B) recently began serving on the board of directors of Buckhorn Presbyterian Children’s Home in Buckhorn, Kentucky. In the summer of 1999 he “made a pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi.” More recently, his church celebrated both the 180th anniversary of its founding and the fiftieth anniversary of the healing of a former North/South division to form the Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

1982 Virginia B. Smith (B) began serving as pastor/head of staff at Hopewell Presbyterian Church in Hopewell, New Jersey, on July 25, 1999.

Rochelle Stackhouse (B) has been called as part-time associate minister to the Glen Ridge Congregational Church in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. She had been senior pastor of the Congregational church in Norwood, Massachusetts.

Carlos E. Wilton (B) is now serving as moderator of Monmouth Presbytery, PCUSA.

1983 Mark D. Atkinson (B) and Lois Ann Wasson Atkinson (’81B) are enjoying life and ministry in Warsaw, Poland. Mark is the pastor of the Warsaw International Church. Lois Ann is investing in the futures of Benjamin, Rebekah, and Aaron. They would love to hear from friends at [email protected].

Michael (Mick) Burns (B) received his Doctor of Ministry degree in June from McCormick Theological Seminary and the ACTS D.Min. in Preaching Program. One of the highlights of the program was traveling to New Zealand to take the oral exams. Three of the Presbyterian ministers in his group of six were from New Zealand. After they passed their orals, their hosts took them touring through their beautiful country and cultures.

1984 Angela Palacious (B, ’85M) has been appointed coordinator of the Diocese 2000 and Beyond Program, which is preparing congregations for more active lay ministry. The first woman deacon in the Anglican Church of the Bahamas, she is looking to join her husband, James Edwin Palacious (’82E), in the priesthood soon!

William Robert Sharman III (B) received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in May 1999.

1985 K. Edward Brandt (B) served as a parliamentarian for the Mission Coordination Committee at the 1999 General Assembly. He has received his D.Min. from Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and became pastor of Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware, in May 1999.

1987 Gary Neal Hansen (B, ’90M, ’98D) has been named assistant professor of church history at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. His research and teaching focus on the theology of John Calvin, the history of biblical interpretation, and the history of spirituality.

Brian Paulson (B) has just graduated from Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education with a Doctor of Ministry degree, writing in the fields of worship and ethics. He continues to pastor Orangewood Presbyterian Church in Phoenix, Arizona, while his wife, Jill Robb Denison Paulson (’86B), remains interim pastor of the nation’s only Presbyterian Native American church, Central Presbyterian Church in Phoenix.

1988 David J. Huegel (B) completed his pastorate in Raymondville, Texas, in May of 1999. He is currently homeschooling children and providing pulpit supply in Houston.

Robert Johnson (B) continues work on his doctorate in history and theology at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia. About a year ago, he was offered the position of associate for theology at the national office of the PCUSA in Louisville. His family remains in Richmond, while he does “a bit of commuting!”

Scott (B) and Sheryl Kinder-Pyle (B) write, “Greetings in Christ!” They are copastors of a new church development in Limerick, Pennsylvania, known as Crossroads Presbyterian Church. The congregation, which has worshipped together since October 1996, was recently “chartered” by the Presbytery of Philadelphia and now dreams of building on its future site. Scott and Sheryl have two children, Ian, age 8, and Philip, age 51/2.

Joanne S. Martindale (B), a chaplain with the Ancora Psychiatric Hospital in Ancora, New Jersey, was recently featured in Hospital and Healthcare News for her caring work on behalf of patients. She is currently serving as president of the PTS Alumni/ae Association.

Timothy Richard Sahr (B, ’89M) is currently the head of research and policy for public health in central Ohio. He is teaching at the Ohio State University School of Public Health, where he completed a degree in preventive medicine.
1990 Kenneth E. Kovacs (B) has moved to Baltimore to become minister of Catonsville Presbyterian Church in Catonsville, Maryland. He anticipates completing his Ph.D. at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Dan Wessner (B) began teaching politics and international development at Canadian Mennonite Bible College, an affiliate of the University of Manitoba, as of August 1, 1999. His dissertation on the culture of politics in Hanoi is nearing completion.

1991 Robert W. Bellin (B, ’92M) and his wife, Karen (’87B, ’88M), have been Army chaplains since 1997. Karen ministers to a chemical battalion at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, where she and Robert now live. Robert has just finished a seven-month tour in Bosnia, where he ministered to his combat engineer unit while they demined, carried out bridge and road construction, and blew up confiscated munitions. “We had some excitement running to air-raid shelters when we had enemy migs overhead,” he writes, “but the area has remained peaceful.” He conducted worship services and events such as talent shows and fellowship nights, and he tells of lives that were “touched and changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Now back home, he is “hoping to hear from the Erdman bunch soon.” The Bellins can be reached at 254-699-9678, or by mail at 5739-1 Bailey St., Killeen, TX 76544.

Gregory Cootsona (B) is working on a series to replace the Layman’s Theological Library. A team of twelve Presbyterian theologians and laypersons has gathered under the leadership of the PCUSA Office of Theology and Worship. His volume is on creation and eschatology from the perspectives of both theology and science.

Jody Martin (B) is a critical care nurse working primarily in the recovery of open heart and vascular surgery patients in Jackson, Mississippi. The editors apologize for the error in his name and degree designation in the summer/fall issue of inSpire.

“I am enjoying my new call at Santa Ynez Valley Presbyterian Church [in Solvang, California] where I am associate pastor for spiritual formation,” writes Steven Miller (B). He was installed on November 14.

Susan Scott (B) is working with three not-for-profit nursing homes in Milford, Connecticut, and finding creative ways to use the arts in her ministry there.
1992 Johan Ferreira (M) received his Ph.D. from the University of Queensland in 1996 and is now a lecturer of biblical studies at the Bible College of Queensland. His doctoral dissertation on Johannine ecclesiology was published by Sheffield Academic Press in 1998.

Kyle Keefer (B) began this fall to serve as associate professor of religion at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Tom Mele (M) became the director of the Catholic Newman Center at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington, in July 1999.

Stephen Oglesbee (B) writes: “After seven wonderful years as associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Montrose, Colorado, I have taken on the joy and challenge of being pastor and head of staff of Center Grove Presbyterian Church in Greenwood, Indiana. My wife, Kendra, our children Alena, age 7, and Luke, age 5, and I keep looking around for the mountains (!) but are loving being back in the Midwest.”


Denise Rogers (B) is a candidate for ordination with the Salvation Army Church. She will begin as auxiliary captain in the western region of the USA. The Salvation Army Church is an evangelical church whose outward expression of God’s love is through social work, disaster relief, and missing persons location.

D. Gregory Sapp (B) graduated from the University of Virginia with a Ph.D. in philosophical theology in May 1999.

Richard Spirt-Jones (B) is serving a three-point parish in Chatfield, Lewiston, and Utica, Minnesota.

David Whitford (B) has just finished his Ph.D. at Boston University and has accepted a position as assistant professor of religion and philosophy at Claflin College in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Claflin is a historically Black United Methodist school of about 1100 students.

1993 Linda K. Grounds (B) is beginning her eighth year as pastor of the Randolph and Stanton United Methodist churches in Minnesota.

Jin S. Kim (B) was a PCUSA delegate to a recent CANAAC (Caribbean and North American Area Council) conference on third world debt in Jamaica. He took his wife, Soon Pac Kim (’97B), and their daughter, Claire, along and reports that “Claire turned seven months old there and loved playing in the water.”

Gary A. Sallquist (B) has moved the Division of Higher Education of Philanthrocorp to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Reuel “Doc” Sample (B), his wife, June, and their two-year-old son, “RK,” continue to serve the Navy, their country, and their Lord at Quantico Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia, writing: “Ooh-rah, Semper Fi, and Go Navy!”

1994 Thomas J. Edwards (B) is in his fifth year as pastor of Knox Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California. He delivered his second child — a daughter, Lauren — in the hospital parking lot!

Jana K. Riess (B) is now the religion book review editor for Publishers Weekly magazine.

Jim Rizer (B), of Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, Craig Miller (B), at University Presbyterian Church in Tempe, Arizona, and Keith Kerber (’96B), at Orangewood Presbyterian Church in Phoenix, Arizona, are all serving as pastors in the Presbytery of Grand Canyon. They can be seen below demonstrating proper shaving cream appliqué at their recent Jr. High retreat. 

1995 Sandra Hammett (B) was appointed on July 1, 1999, to Mission City United Methodist Church in Santa Clara, California, as senior pastor.

Christian Holleck (B) received his Master of Theology degree from Luther Seminary with an emphasis in Islamic studies. He continues as pastor of Mount Hope Lutheran Church in Pontiac, Michigan.

Miki Laws (B) is working at Merril Lynch in software quality assurance.

Rob MacSwain (B) has just begun a year of Anglican studies at Virginia Theological Seminary to prepare for ordination in the Episcopal Church. During this year of study he will serve his field education placement as the assistant Episcopal chaplain at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

1996 Dan Baumgartner (B) became pastor and head of staff of Bethany Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Washington, in June 1999.

Laurel (B) and Steve (’97B) Brundage are now serving as copastors of United Presbyterian Church in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Laurel is also serving as a trustee of New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

Shelley Sanders Zuckerman (B) is a Ph.D. student at Drew University in liturgical studies, and adjunct music faculty at The Lawrenceville School. She continues also as the organist and choir director of Princeton United Methodist Church.

1997 Emily M. Berman (B) married Paul D’Andrea on May 29, 1999. Classmate Stephanie Hanson (B) officiated. Emily is associate pastor of Burke Presbyterian Church in Burke, Virginia.

Daryle P. Bush (B) served in 1997–1998 as assistant minister at St. Columba’s Church of Scotland in London, England. Since October of ’98, he has been minister of congregational care at the First Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina.

Amy C. Egloff (B) is still working with battered, addicted, and homeless women at the YWCA in South Bend, Indiana, although she has been promoted to management, where she also oversees intake, the front desk, and child care.

John Fullerton (B) is now the acting head of staff at the First Presbyterian Church in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

LaVerne M. Gill (B, ’98M) was installed as the fifty-first minister of historic Webster Church (UCC) in Dexter, Michigan. She is both the first woman and the first African American to pastor this 165-year-old church. 

Ken Locke (B) has been elected vice moderator of the Presbytery of Wabash Valley and will be a commissioner to the General Assembly in 2000.

Marc Oehler (B) was ordained by the Presbytery of Newton on October 31 and installed as associate pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township in Chatham Township, New Jersey.

1998 Pam Driesell Anderson (B) has accepted a call to be the organizing pastor of Clarke-Oconee new church development in Northeast Georgia Presbytery. 

Nicole Chilivis (B) is a pregnancy counselor with the New Hope Childhood Family Agency in Seattle, Washington, and her husband is in graduate school.

Rosanna M. Piper (B) writes, “In August 1999 I was delighted to begin my responsibilities for the educational ministries for all ages as the director of Christian education at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City. It’s a great blessing to serve on the pastoral staff, which includes PTS alumni Vito Aiuto (’98B), the director of mission, J.C. Austin (’98B), the pastoral assistant for stewardship and evangelism, and Fred R. Anderson (’73B, ’81P), head of staff.”

John W. Kiser (B) finished his first year as an infantry battalion army chaplain in Europe. Being deployed to Bosnia on his arrival in Germany, he discovered that his first “church” was a sixty-four-foot tent on a Bosnian hilltop. “We go to Kosovo within the year,” he writes.

Noel Y. Lin (B) is in the Ph.D. program in American religious history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a member of the school’s Royster Society of Fellows.

1999 Corinne Dedini (E) has moved to Tucson, Arizona, where she is teaching at St. Gregory College Preparatory High School.

John Kenny (B) is currently serving as associate pastor of Bethany Reformed Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Daniel J. McKaughan (B) is the director of youth, collegiates, and young adults at the First United Methodist Church in Eugene, Oregon.

Victoria M. Ney (B) was ordained as a minister of Word and Sacrament and installed as associate pastor for parish life at Westfield Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey.

Melinda Nichols (B) is working as a CPE resident chaplain at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Grady is the Atlanta region’s trauma center. Melinda writes: “I find myself constantly challenged pastorally, and I am thankful to be here.

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