Charlotte Rachel Wilson Campus  Apartments

Completed in 2012, 200 apartments within three buildings are available to Seminary Student Families. 

501 Farber Road - 66 units, 1, 2,3, and 4 bedroom, all unfurnished

201 Loetscher Place -  66 units, 1, 2,3, and 4 bedroom, all unfurnished

101 Loetscher Place -  68 units, 1 and 2 bedroom, all unfurnished



Tile plank flooring

air conditioning/heating - Geothermal

Kitchen:  Refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave/exhaust

Bathroom:  Tile floor, walls, Tub, medicine cabinet, sink, toilet, closet

Bathroom 2:  Tile floor, walls, shower, medicine cabinet, sink, toilet

note:  One bathroom in one bedroom apartments, two bathrooms in two and three bedroom, and three bathrooms in four bedroom apartments

Bedrooms:  Vary in size, but each has a closet

Data/TV/Phone:  Each apartment has a data, satv, and phone connection in each bedroom and living room for every apartment

Windows:  All windows and sliding glass doors have blinds on them

Front doors use card access

Storage:  A storage closet is located outside the front door in the breezeway.  An additional storage unit is provided on the 2nd or 3rd floor storage room.

Appliance manuals:




GE Washer

GE Dryer

Frigidaire Washer

Frigidaire Dryer



Floor Plans

One Bedroom - type a

One Bedroom - type b

One Bedrom - type c

Two Bedroom  - type a

Two Bedroom - type b

Three Bedroom

Four Bedroom



Building Plans

501 Farber

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

201 Loetscher

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor


101 Loetscher

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor