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Program Description Introduction

Field education done in an international site can be an enriching experience, enhancing one’s self understanding, formation for ministry, thoughts about vocational interests, academic studies, knowledge and appreciation for another culture’s customs, people, language, and ways of living and thinking, which encourages growth and an increased overall sense of global awareness for the purpose of empowering one to minister in a multi‐cultural world at home or abroad. Concepts such as missions, globalization, anthropology, missional theology, culture, community spirituality, etc., are examined in cross‐cultural contexts through partnerships with churches and specialized ministries throughout the world. The reflective practice of ministry (praxis) is employed as the pedagogical approach for seeking understanding and meaning. 

Students are selected on the basis of an interest in cross‐cultural/international ministry as demonstrated by their application to the program and possible interviews (see “Selection Criteria”). Site supervisors make the final decision as to whom they will accept. A previous cross‐cultural experience in an urban, rural, or other environment such as Clinical Pastoral Education is encouraged as a means of preparation but not necessarily required.

The Office of Field Education will provide a list of approved international sites for summer and nine to twelve month placements, including information on the location, supervisor, a brief description of the ministry, and financial information. Placements are available in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, India, South America, and other possible locations through the Young Adults Program of the PC (USA). Depending upon the site and job description, this experience could satisfy the field education church placement requirement. Students should confer with their committee on preparation for ministry or other judicatory body to determine if this experience will meet their church placement requirement.

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