Learning to love God and neighbor more deeply requires a lifetime of learning. This kind of learning is fueled by transforming encounters with grace within the context of the church and oriented toward the world. The School of Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary aims to prepare women and men for educational leadership and youth ministry who will foster such faithful growth in love for God and neighbor in congregations, theological schools, and a variety of other settings.

We help future pastors and teachers think deeply and broadly about these interrelated questions:

          •  How do people come to Christian faith?
          •  How do people grow in Christian faith?
          •  How do people live out Christian faith in daily life?

We explore answers to these questions by drawing from the historical strengths of Christian Education at Princeton Seminary. Those strengths include: depth in biblical, theological, historical, and practical theological perspectives on the church's educational ministry; innovative approaches to youth ministry; and ground-breaking research in the field.

With the dynamic Institute for Youth Ministry, the Bridges Project, and the new Faithful Practices research project we aim to develop new models and approaches to educational ministry which foster love of God and neighbor. Through these initiatives we are working to close the gap between the theological school and the local church.

Students participate in the adventure of Christian Education at Princeton Seminary through five degree programs: M.Div., M.A. (Education), Dual Degree (combined M.Div. and M.A.); Th.M., and Ph.D. Students in the M.A. and Dual Degree programs can specialize either in Christian Education broadly conceived or in Youth Ministry.

Doctoral students in Practical Theology with special emphasis in Christian Education engage in ground-breaking research using sophisticated practical theological methods and research tools. Graduates from this program provide significant leadership for theological schools and institutions of higher education around the world.