Greetings from the Biblical Studies Department

The Biblical Studies Department is dedicated to training students to serve the Church as biblically informed theologians, preachers, ministers, and scholars. The Department continues the two-hundred year tradition at Princeton Theological Seminary in molding not only future thinkers and leaders of the Presbyterian Church, but also scholars and leaders within the Christian tradition as a whole.

The faculty of the Department have wide ranging interests and areas of expertise, including: biblical theology, biblical poetry and poetics, the history of ancient Israel, Pentateuch, prophetic literature, wisdom texts, Septuagint Studies, the history of the interpretation and reception of Scripture, the Synoptic Gospels and Acts, Johannine literature, Greco-Roman religions and rhetoric, Second Temple Jewish texts (including Dead Sea Scrolls and related literature), historical Jesus, contemporary interpretive methodologies, biblical languages and linguistics, and Jewish interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. For further information, see individual profiles of the Department’s faculty:

Besides its own resources and faculty, the Seminary has cross registration agreements with Princeton University which allows PTS students to attend classes at the University as well as having access to the University’s library holdings. The Seminary is also currently engaged in a faculty exchange program with Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City which brings to our institution distinguished Jewish scholars who introduce Seminary students to the great traditions of Jewish learning and scriptural interpretation.