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Princeton Theological Seminary has a long established and highly regarded doctoral program. Its purpose is to equip students for college, seminary and university teaching, as well as occupations within the church that require and benefit from a period of higher study and research. PhD graduates from Princeton Seminary comprise a high proportion of religion and theology professors in North American seminaries and college, as well as many other parts of the world. The PhD program requires two years of course work, comprehensive examinations on a range of subjects in the third, and a dissertation of approximately 200 pages, normally completed in years 4 and 5. The Theology Department offers a range of doctoral seminars in Systematic Theology, History of Doctrine, Ethics, and Philosophy and Theology, as well as supervision of doctoral dissertations by members of the faculty and external advisers. PhD students may also take seminars at Princeton University as part of their course work.

Admission is by competition across the whole Seminary. The Theology Department expects to admit two or three new students each year. 

Admission to the doctoral program is through the Seminary and instructions on how to apply can be found here.

Personal interviews are not a required part of the admission procedure, but members of the faculty are always happy to meet visitors. Visits should be arranged through the Ph.D Studies Office rather than directly with faculty members.

This section of the Web site is intended to provide both potential applicants and existing students with information on the following topics:

The Faculty page contains full details of the research interests and publications of members of the faculty.


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